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Kenwood KDC­BT568U is a CD receiver that contains built-in Bluetooth and HD Radio. It has a sleek design and has a control panel that is simple to operate. The read out even contains illumination to enhance the readability of the settings.

The TDF or theft-deterrent faceplate hinders a thief’s ability to yank this unit out of a vehicle. This security feature is ideal in today’s unscrupulous world. Kenwood also includes a flip-up, anti-dust door on the unit to keep unwanted particles from the inside of the unit. This lessens wear and tear on the unit.

Built-in HD Radio

Thanks to the built-in HD Radio, the driver can listen to his favorite HD Radio station as he drives. The quality of the FM band ones are almost up to that of CDs and the AM is free of static and comes through crystal clear. The nice thing is that this is free radio with no need to pay fees to listen. The playback of WAV, AAC, WMA, and MP3 files comes complete with ID-3 Tag Display.

Road noise often hinders the driver’s ability to hear all of the audio coming from his CD player or radio. Kenwood engineers came up with a solution to this issue. They designed Drive EQ to boost various frequencies, which in turn compensates for the undesirable effects of road noises.

Built-in Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth provides the driver the ability to make and receive calls without hassle. He can keep his hands on the wheel and mind on his driving. It also provides wireless control of the CD player for various functions. The KDC­BT568U also comes with an external Bluetooth microphone complete with a swivel and angle adjustment feature. Automatic Bluetooth pairing capability for use with iPhone through USB comes with this CD player.